Driving Without Insurance

Don’t try to channel your inner James Dean and buck all the rules when it comes to driving. Unless you want to end up in jail or penniless, you cannot drive without insurance. Not only is it the law; it just makes good sense.

Almost all states have laws requiring liability insurance. Even if there are a few who don’t, all states do have laws requiring proof of financial responsibility. So if you decide to play it cool and don’t want to buy car insurance, if you get in an accident, you must still show proof of sufficient financial assets to be able to pay a claim. Depending on the severity of the accident, this could add up fast.

Imagine you total a brand new Jaguar, and four passengers inside are severely injured and unable to work for months. If you don’t have insurance, there goes your house. If you don’t have the financial collateral to show financial responsibility, you will be legally required to be auto insurance. Maybe you lose cool points, but you save your check book and your house.

Auto insurance is designed to protect your property and your assets. But don’t think that you can get by with the bare minimum. Most policies have a minimum of $10,000 in liability. Unless you manage to maintain a near saintly driving record that is dotted by little more than the occasional parking lot bump up, the chances are high that claims from an auto accident will soar far past $10,000. With minimum insurance protection, you’re liable for the rest. Most insurance companies and consumer protection groups say that you should purchase at least $300,000 inĀ  property damage liability and $100,000 in bodily insurance liability coverage.

Here’s another reason to purchase sufficient insurance coverage: Even if you do manage to maintain that near saintly driving record, you can’t control what other drivers on the road are going to do. You could find yourself in a serious bender on a rainy night, or the victim of a hit-and-run that has just totaled your car. If the other driver does not have insurance coverage, or if there is a hit and run and you don’t know who to pursue for compensation, you can protect yourself by having the appropriate insurance coverage.

Forget cool and do what it takes to ensure your protection: Buy insurance. If you want to find cheap car insurance, use our quote finder today!